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3 Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page

#1: Collect Questions via Comments for an AMA

Encouraging your audience to ask you questions is a great way to attract engagement and responses. This tactic works best if you designate a theme or topic for the questions, set a cutoff date, and explain when the questions will be answered and by whom.

Get creative about whom you put in the spotlight to answer questions. It could be your staff, suppliers, experts you work with, colleagues you’ve met at an event, or others you partner with. You can either share the answers on your page as a video or document or answer the questions via Facebook Live to generate even more engagement.

The York Minster cathedral ran a series of Q&A sessions involving stonemasons who were visiting as part of a stone-carving festival. To broaden the scope and potential reach of the Q&A, they shared the call for questions on Instagram and Twitter, as well as on their Facebook page.

#2: Share an Offer in the News Feed to Generate Messenger Connections

Facebook Messenger bots are an increasingly popular way for businesses to amplify the results from their Facebook marketing. Many bot solutions designed for small businesses, such as ManyChat, let you provide an automated response to comments added to a post. You can ask people to comment on your post and explain that they’ll receive a freebie in their Messenger inbox when they do.

This tactic works well if you have a value-based lead magnet to offer and want to build a list in Messenger. You can also use it to share an offer or a voucher and build a list. Once the bot tool has been created, the voucher will be delivered to the Messenger inbox of whomever comments on the post.

An offer post like this one will attract lots of comments, which (provided the comments are longer than a single word) will signal to the Facebook algorithm that you’re sharing quality content and more of your audience should see your posts.

#3: Illustrate Sentiment With Emojis

Posts that include emojis generally have higher like, comment, and share rates than those that don’t. Using emojis also helps you portray your business as friendly and makes your content more memorable.

But not all emojis are equal. Check out this emoji guide to make sure you use the top-performing emojis for click-throughs and engagement.

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